COVID-19 Policy

<Revised Jan 4th, 2023>

No matter what rules we put into place, the numbers show that someone will arrive to Vanhoover Pony Expo while infected with COVID19 and possibly other viruses.  We cannot guarantee protection, but along with good personal practices, we have some rules we believe reduce the chances of disease spread. These rules apply to every attendee, staff member, panelist, DJ, and everyone else above kindergarten age.

As an indoor gathering within the province of BC and hosted in the Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport Richmond, we are required to abide by any BC COVID-19 Orders and Notices and the Federal Health Guidelines. At the time of this writing, there are currently no requirements issued towards events of our type regarding COVID19 or other health measures.

Our policies may change at any time without notice. These policies apply regardless of any changes to the official Orders and Notices, where permitted.


  • Wear a mask in event spaces, including under your costume
  • It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to be fully vaccinated and RECENTLY boosted with one of the updated COVID19 vaccines
  • Eating or Drinking food is permitted exclusively in the flank stage with all nearby occupants permission, and masks worn after finished
  • Hotel rooms are private space so BE CAREFUL and set rules for others!


Attendees in the event space are required to wear a disposable mask or respirator without a vent, or re-usable dual-layer mask, that fully covers the nose and mouth.  Those unable to wear a mask are asked to wear a face shield that covers the nose and mouth.  Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in public hotel spaces and in room parties.

Users of costume masks with direct, uncovered paths from the wearer’s nose or mouth must also wear a face mask that fully covers the nose and mouth inside the costume mask.

Infants and children under Kindergarten age are not required to wear masks.

Panelists hosting a panel, event, or performance may remove their mask while conducting the panel, but only if all on stage in their proximity agree to do so.  Otherwise, all panelists must remain masked.

For masking guidelines, please refer to this site. The better the quality of mask or respirator you wear, the better you protect yourself and others around you from getting and spreading COVID19 and other viruses. Please consider buying and wearing higher quality masks such as KN95, CAN99, or similar masks, and avoid single layer cotton or fabric masks that absorb and trap liquid.


If you show any symptoms of being sick, such as a new cough, fever, chills, vomiting, runny nose, etc, you must not attend in person events at Vanhoover Pony Expo. Refunds will be available prior to having picked up your badge.


All attendees are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated against COVID19 with a recent booster (within 3 months) for the most effective protection against severe disease. Vaccination or previous recovery from infection will not prevent you from becoming infected at Vanhoover Pony Expo, but a recent vaccination with an updated vaccine (e.g. bivalent) has been said to give you the best protection against severe disease and hospitalization.

Social Distancing

Attendees are not required to socially distance while masked and in event space. Social distancing is encouraged in hotel rooms, hotel common space, or outdoors when face coverings may not always be worn. Please respect if someone requests distancing.

Eating & Drinking

Provided food and outside food may be consumed specifically in the flank stage if all nearby occupants are comfortable with unmasked people. It is the responsibility of the people removing their mask to find a space suitable to do so, not the other way around.  Masks must be worn after eating or drinking as soon as possible.

The hotel restaurant and bar will be open for food and drink service with masks optional.

Dealers with an approved table are permitted to eat and drink at their table but are requested to wear their mask whenever possible.


Due to the uncertain nature of Covid-19, if for any reason you are unable to attend Vanhoover Pony Expo, such as showing symptoms of Covid-19, unexpected travel restrictions, or safety concerns, you may transfer your membership to a spirit badge (which lets you get swag in the mail), or request a refund or credit for your pre-registration attendance.  Contact with any requests before Jan 17th, 2023.

Hotel Rooms and Public Spaces

Hotel rooms, hallways, elevators, and the hotel lobby are not part of the Vanhoover Pony Expo event space and are not controlled by event policies, but are required to follow all hotel rules. Attendees not staying in the hotel are encouraged to stay in convention space for maximum safety.

Those who rent hotel rooms are encouraged to require masks to be worn by anyone entering their hotel room. The safety of those who enter your private hotel room are your responsibility and not the Hotel or the Convention. We suggest you keep track of those who enter your room (contact tracing). Should someone become ill, you can notify those people who attended that room that they should be checked for the virus, just in case.

Before entering a hotel room, for maximum safety, guests to hotel rooms should ensure that the room is requiring masks. Entering any hotel room is done at YOUR OWN RISK and is fully outside of convention control.