Spirit Sponsor Package

Vanhoover, BC Updated: Friday, January 7th, 2022 Price: 1 Bit

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Spirit Sponsor Package



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This package contains all the items for the badge tier Spirit Sponsor. You are not meant to add this package to your cart until you have received your coupon that will cover the entire price of the package.

You will receive a badge but that will not be in your cart.

This tier comes with 1 t-shirt but you have the option to upgrade the garment type to a sweater or polo and pay the difference. To do this, just unselect the default unisex t-shirt and select the one you want.

Please do not unselect any other items in the package or your order will be cancelled without warning and you will have to place your order again.

The coupon will also provide free shipping when used.

If you have any problems with this checkout process, please ping @linuxpony#3888 on Discord or use the contact email on the contact page.